Bruce Mau challenges SXSW to “Design for the Five Senses”


At this year’s SXSW Conference, Austin’s annual convergence of film, interactive, and music creatives, Bruce Mau took everyone back in time. To when we lived unencumbered by limits, to when we were kids and designed the world without prejudice of doubt or social norm.

Experience is multi-sensory. Mau’s groundbreaking monologue and guided discovery challenged the creative mind to re-sense sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Like we used to. They are the tools to full engagement. And to rediscovering a world of boundless possibility.

DSRIP Annual Learning Symposium

Photo: Omalola Mau

Photo: Omalola Mau

On Thursday, February 8, Bisi Williams will be a keynote speaker at the annual statewide New York Medicaid DSRIP Annual Learning Symposium which convenes the Performing Provider Systems (PPS) in addition to executive leadership of NYS Medicaid and the Medicaid Redesign Team and national experts in health care and system transformation. The multi-day event aims to inspire and motivate collective action on the challenges faced; showcase and celebrate the PPS innovations and accomplishments; teach methods, tools and new approaches; provide actionable ideas for improvement; share knowledge with peers and colleagues from across New York, the country and the world; and cultivate new and strategic relationships and partnerships.

FUTURE UNKNOWN: Global Education Summit 2017-2018

Photo courtesy of CAFA

Photo courtesy of CAFA

In December 2017 MCN co-founders Bruce Mau and Bisi Williams spoke to a group of artists, designers, technologist, educators and futurists from around the world who gathered at the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing for FUTURE UNKNOWN Global Education Summit, a two-day round-table discussion and exhibition on the future of art and design education hosted by CAFA (Central Academy for Fine Arts).

The event was the first of three phases taking place over the course of 2017-2018 that will integrate global academic intelligence, re-examine art and design in the contemporary context, gather global institutions to articulate together, aggregate a new platform for future education development and collaboration, in an effort to jointly explore innovative solutions.

Bruce Mau and Massive Change Network Taking Part in Toronto’s EDIT Festival


On September 28, Bruce Mau and Massive Change Network will join the dreamers and disruptors from around the world uniting at EDIT, a 10-day design festival unlike any other. The main exhibit, “Prosperity for All,” has been curated by Mau and juxtaposes Magnum photographer Paolo Pellegrin’s unflinching documentation of global conflicts with design projects that seek to advance the human condition. From smog vacuums in China to community revitalization on Fogo Island, “Prosperity for All” is a celebration of the people and projects that are making a difference in the world today.

Inspired by the United Nations Development Programme’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development, the 10-day EDIT festival celebrates the future through installations, events and talks presented by 125 speakers from around the world. If you’d like to learn more about EDIT and purchase tickets, please visit the event website.

Bruce Mau Named Recipient of the 2016 Cooper Hewitt Design Mind Award


The annual Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards celebrate the power of design to shape the world and recognize excellence, innovation and enhancement of quality of life across 11 categories. In 2016, for the category of Design Mind, which honors "a visionary, such as an educator, author, critic, curator, or designer, who has had a profound impact on design theory, practice, or public awareness," the winner was Bruce Mau. See the attached PDF of Bruce's Design Award nominee portfolio to see why a jury of prominent American designers chose to recognize his achievements in the field of design.

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Visit Cooper Hewitt for more information about the award.