Bruce Mau and Frank Gehry.

Some of the world's most valuable brands have put their trust in the creative hands of Bruce Mau, a world-renowned pioneer in design thinking, who began designing books and now leads Massive Change Network in designing companies and countries.

Bruce Mau and FREEMAN event.


Enterprise Design starts with the premise that an entire business is a design opportunity and everything within the borders of its ecosystem should align with brand identity, values and purpose. Results demonstrate that design-led companies persistently outperform the marketplace by innovatively reimagining what they do and how they do it.

Lifetime entrepreneur Bruce Mau is a pioneer in the methodology of design thinking, a strategic management approach integrating rigorous analysis and creative freedom to deliver competitive value, bold moves and systemic change at the whole-enterprise level. In our era of transparency, little to nothing is hidden and what is shared, is shared forever. Designing the enterprise delivers intended, fully integrated outcomes at every level. It is not theory but a purpose-driven practice that sets out systematically to envision something new – not knowing at the start what is needed.

We’ve collaborated in successful enterprise design with sector-leading iconic companies, countries, museums, a university, and kingdoms real and magical.

Bruce Mau Coca Cola billboard.


In our transparent world, everything we do communicates. To convey the intended message and make the desired impact calls for dynamic branding, telling the story of who we truly are and what we stand for.  

Bruce Mau visualized the launch of Coca-Cola into global sustainability leadership by augmenting the brand’s logotype with the tagline "Live positively." He created concept and category for the world’s first Museum of Biodiversity in Panama in his collaboration with Frank Gehry, and he designed the experience of a platform for transformative consumer empowerment for tech start-up Personal Black Box’s suite of apps and services.

In the hands of Massive Change Network, brand is the uber-design that defines cultures. From elevating the national identity of the people of Guatemala and inspiring the workforce of Freeman, the world’s largest brand experience company, toward becoming the world’s largest and most effective design studio, to helping the Disney organization embrace their own Imagineering principles, we apply our branding expertise to designing solutions that make our world a better place.

Bruce Mau Wall Of Books.


The elegant authority of a beautiful, oversized book communicates presence and permanence more powerfully than any other medium. The intimacy and depth of its experience, the exuberance of interacting words and images, the immediacy of past and present, the completeness of its cover-to-cover personality – all held in the hands and eyes as an enduring object of formidable significance. 

A master of the art and craft of published communication, Bruce Mau has designed and/or authored more than 206 high-impact books, including profiles of larger-than-life personalities; ethnographies of corporate cultures, lifetime achievements, artists' monographs, scholarly and institutional series, exhibition catalogues, and many sui generis volumes.

Massive Change Network partners with its clients to conceptualize, design and develop publishing projects of every size and format to communicate permanence and authority in any endeavor or discipline.