Communicating through PublicationS


The oldest form of permanent communication has been freshly reinvented more than 200 times by author designer Bruce Mau, during his 30-year creative love affair with the book.

Still ranked the #1 architecture and design book of all time 20 years after its first publication, his S,M,L,XL collaboration with Rem Koolhaas forever changed the genre and even had its own exhibit at MoMA.

The attendance-record-breaking international exhibition, "Massive Change: The Future of Global Design," also shifted the publishing paradigm as an iconic book. Its back cover carries a micro manifesto for Bruce and his team: “Massive Change is not about the world of design, it’s about the design of the world.”

The Walt Disney Company remains peerless in designing worlds of entertainment and information through its Imagineers, the makers of the magic. Bruce’s Massive Change Network has invented a new book technology with an Imagineers-only online space anchored by a single volume of Masters of Imagineering in each studio.

But the breadth of Bruce’s 200+ titles is a self-portrait of his wildly diverse design practice, and includes portraits of and deeply intimate collaborations with many of the most creative personalities of recent times.  Of contemporary art and artists, of spectacle and experience, of life and ideas, global architecture and urbanism, museums and galleries, and cinema, as well as his autobiographical book Life Style.

The early editions of Bruce’s design work for Zone Books catapulted him into the spotlight of the international design world. Collaborating with Zone Books and MIT Press, Bruce even shifted the paradigm of university press publishing from academic tedium to dynamic tactile experience by bringing content to life with beautiful design.

It was at Zone that Bruce had the transformative “experience that form is content in the same way that content is form,” as evidenced by everything Bruce and his teams have touched ever since.

Books are produced for almost every MCN project, to capture in a clear and enduring narrative the insights from rigorous analysis and an easily shared sequence for systematic change.