We are committed to helping people design the world they want to live in and pursue purposeful innovation for sustainable growth.

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In our work, we apply the visionary design concepts developed by Bruce Mau to help our clients and partners see the big picture, think long term, embrace possibility and devise innovative solutions.

Massive Change Consulting
Working with global brands, institutions and individuals to set long-term goals and achieve real world impact.

Massive Action™ Publishing
Presenting the latest thinking from Massive Change innovators, authors, and collaborators in the ten Design Economies of Massive Change.

Massive Change Training
Intensive, hands-on learning experiences to introduce designers and non-designers to the power of applied, data-driven design thinking.

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Who We Are

Bruce Mau and Bisi Williams co-founded Massive Change Network as a strategic business consultancy and to provide access to Bruce Mau’s design thinking methodology through customized programming, events and exhibitions held around the globe. Digital marketing and information technology consultant Haluk Kulin and Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence Founder and President Nell Merlino are collaborating on key initiatives and projects with Massive Change Network.

Bruce Mau

World-leading visionary, innovator, designer and author, Bruce Mau is committed to creative, healthy, ecological and economic abundance. He is the co-founder of Massive Change Network, which promotes the power and possibility of design to bring positive and holistic change on a global scale. His 25 years of achievement through design thinking include collaborations with Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, MoMA, Herman Miller, Shaw Industries, The New Meadowlands Stadium, Arizona State University, and countries such as Guatemala, Denmark, and Saudi Arabia. In 2009, Mau sold the studio he founded, Bruce Mau Design, to MDC Partners to focus on Massive Change Network.

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Mau is the author and designer for several award-winning books, including Massive Change; Life Style; S,M,L,XL (in collaboration with architect Rem Koolhaas), and the iconic and celebrated ZONE BOOKS series. Translated into 17 languages, Mau’s “The Incomplete Manifesto for Growth” has been an inspiration with his aphoristic articulation of his personal philosophy and design strategies.

His collaboration, The Third Teacher, co-authored with OWP/P Architects and VS Furniture, presents a compendium of ways design can transform teaching and learning for students, families and teachers to thrive in tomorrow’s world.

Distinguished award highlights from Mau’s career include Contributing Editor, The World Post – A Partnership of the Huffington Post and the Berggreun Institute on Governance; the Global Creative Leadership Award from the Louise Blouin Foundation; the AIGA Gold Medal for Communication Design; being named the Bill and Stephanie Sick Distinguished Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is currently Distinguished Fellow, Segal Design Institute, Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, Northwestern University.

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Aiyemobisi “Bisi” Williams

Bisi Williams is Chief Insights Officer for Massive Change Network, a global learning organization committed to inspiring, connecting and empowering people to use design in holistic and sustainable ways. Her work reframes design and design thinking for non-designers, to help them create a bridge between high ideas and high design. Williams co-founded Massive Change Network with her husband, world renowned design visionary Bruce Mau, in 2009.

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Prior to co-founding of Massive Change, Williams contributed her extraordinary artistry and insight to organizations and enterprises that share her commitment to a better world. She founded WildFlower, an annual event and social accelerator committed to diversity and human development. She also produced major events for The Art Gallery of Ontario, Each One Teach One and The Power Plant Art Gallery in Toronto, as well as for the Shedd Aquarium, Ravinia Festival, and the Fashion Department of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

Currently, Williams is a Director of the Women’s Board of Ravinia, Chicago, the Winnetka Public Schools Foundation, and a Northwestern University Impact Advisory Board Member for the Kellogg School of Management Social Entrepreneurship program. She is a past Director of the Luminato Festival, The Power Plant Art Gallery and Moorelands Community Services in Toronto.

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Haluk Kulin

For the past 15 years Haluk Kulin has worked as an expert consultant in marketing, change and technology, helping to grow billion-dollar brands across 37 markets. He has held senior marketing positions with Unilever and several startups as well as being founder and CEO of Personal Black Box. Since 2006, he has shifted his focus from brand marketing to pioneering technologies at the intersection of personal data and digital marketing. He continues to provide consultancy to companies and brands in addition to his leadership role with Massive Change Network.


Massive Change Network collaborates with organizations and academic institutions to bring the power of design thinking to their people. If your organization seeks a catalyst for innovation and change, please contact us.

The Incomplete Manifesto
for Growth™

© 1998 Bruce Mau

Written by Bruce Mau in 1998, The Incomplete Manifesto for Growth™ is a 43-point aphoristic articulation of Mau’s personal philosophy and design strategies for unleashing creativity.

Work on What You Love

© 2014 Bruce Mau

To inspire the Rhode Island School of Design Class of 2014, Bruce Mau delivered a powerful message to the graduates about following their passions.